Real Estate Consultant

Rosy Narula

Rosy Narula, Real Estate Consultant

Rosy is happily married and a proud mother of two handsome young boys.  Her family successfully owned and operated retail businesses, restaurants and a banquet hall.  She wore many hats over that time, from management to marketing. From bookkeeping to customer service.  Rosy faced each of these challenges with dedication and organization to create a fantastic experience for her customers.

Although Rosy excelled in her previous roles, she was looking for a career that provided more fulfillment. She understands buying or selling a home is a massive financial decision.  Her skills and attention to detail ensure you make the right moves to maximize your financial potential. 

Perhaps of more importance, Rosy understands how a house becomes a home. It’s where you build countless memories with friends and family.  Where your favourite curtains hang.  Where beautiful flowers fill the room with the smell of Spring. Where you decorate every square inch with love and care.  Rosy wants to help you find the perfect house, so you can make it your perfect home.  

It’s Your Move, Rosy is here to help you make the right one. 

Office Location: 1-2207 Gottingen Street, Halifax
Office Phone Number: 902 425 4723

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