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Thankfully, I have more to talk about after the bore that was last week. Listing activity picked up quite significantly.  Perhaps all the Valentine’s love in the air caused people to think about their nests.  Here are our HaliPad picks for the week.  Interested in viewing some of these hot properties?  We’re available to show them to you this weekend!

(You'll find links to the listings we talk about at the bottom of the page). 

104-5677 Harris Street

The last time I featured a unit in this building, it sold in two days for 99.3% of list price.  This unit is priced $10,000 higher and I think that’s completely reasonable considering how quickly the previous listing in the building sold.  It will be interesting to see how long this one takes to sell

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How quickly will my house be on the market?

This seems like a simple question but it is an important one. I’ve seen countless occasions where seller’s were given false promises as to the start date of a listing. Whether through delays with photographers due to poor organization or a lack of urgency from the agent, it’s not a good way to start a working relationship. Customer service not only about meeting expectations, but aiming to exceed them. Starting a listing on time as per the promise made to you is the bare minimum requirement.

At HaliPad, we can launch a listing within a 24 hour period if we have enough notice beforehand to arrange the photographer. We guarantee our listings go to market on time, as per the promises we make to you.


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Question 2: How will you help me prepare my home for sale?

First impressions can make or break an opportunity. Taking the time to do simple paint touch ups, de-cluttering and cleaning show that you take pride in your property. A home that is clean and tidy makes a buyer feel as though they are investing in something that has been well maintained. It gives them confidence in their decision and will likely improve your chances of attracting an offer at a higher price. We take the time during our initial consultation to point out areas that could be improved as we aim to turn your home, into a show home.

It’s Your Move: Select a Realtor who is going to help you properly prepare your home to result in a faster sale at the highest price possible.

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Are you a full time Agent?

I place this one first because I feel it is one of the most important questions. I understand that many real estate agents have other jobs and need those jobs in order to make ends meet, especially during the start of their careers. However, without sounding cruel, that is not your problem. Your home represents a huge personal investment. It’s important you have an agent who is immersed in the market and able to accommodate you, when you need them. It is important that your agent is fully invested in their career and as a result, able to provide the guidance and customer service you deserve.

It's Your Move: The agent you hire should ensure your positive experience is their number one priority.

Would you rather work

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I think real estate is a great investment, especially in a market which is as consistent as in Nova Scotia. There does not tend to be massive swings in value, making the investment a long-term growth plan.  Also, the cost to get into a house in comparison to other markets in Canada is relatively low.  Rents on the other hand tend to be on par with many other cities across the country.  This might be the reason we see far more apartments being built than condominiums – developers see a higher return on their investment by renting, than building to sell. However, renting your home comes with risk.  I’m going to tell you a recent story and some ideas of how to avoid the same situation my clients unfortunately found themselves in.

The investment

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I'm going to call it the HaliPad slim-picks this week because there was very little to hit the market on the Peninsula that jumped out at me.  So I'll focus on one project in particular.  In what I would call big news, The Roy has finally been brought to market after relying on an internal sales office for the past several years.  Despite what you might think, there is actually a very little to choose from if you are on the hunt for a new and modern condominium.  Most of what is being built on the Peninsula are reserved for apartment (rental) units.  The Roy is a beautiful building, inside and out.  Offering all the amenities you could imagine - it is the pinnacle of condominium living. 

  • 24 Hour Concierge 
  • Terrace deck and common area
  • Steam
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Each week, our blog has a quick look at the real estate market activity on the Halifax Peninsula.  We also select some of our favourite new homes that have hit the market.  If market stats bore you, skip down to the good bit about the new listings we like. For the week of January 25th:

  • 14 New Listings (+2 from previous week)
  • 13 Conditional Sales (= to previous week)
  • 11 Firm Sales (+3 from previous week)
  • January year over year sales (+1)

Three of our five HaliPad Picks from the previous blog have accepted offers and it’s fairly clear that what people want are single family homes below $600,000.  Sales are keeping pace with new listings and as such, prices will likely remain stable until activity picks up in the next few months.  This

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Each week, our blog has a quick look at the real estate market activity on the Halifax Peninsula.  We also select some of our favourite new homes that have hit the market. For the week of January 14th:

  • 12 New Listings (-9 from previous week)
  • 13 Conditional Sales (= to previous week)
  • 8 Firm Sales (-6 from previous week)

The number of new listings slowed down fairly significantly but conditional sales remained the same.  As such, competition for Peninsula homes will remain high.  The best real estate sells quickly and some of our HaliPad Picks from the previous blog have already accepted offers. 

Our HaliPad Picks this week: Peninsula and immediate area

You'll find links to the listings we talk about at the bottom of the page. 


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We are pleased to announce a new aspect of our blog where we will highlight our favourite new listings on the Halifax Peninsula each week.  We've selected five this time and now we'll tell you why! (Links to listings at the bottom of the page).

1136 South Park Street

Wow, a beautiful heritage building with income potential in a fantastic location.  That's not all, its been substantially renovated and in my opinion checks a lot of fantastic boxes.  Live in the south end while someone helps subsidize your mortgage!

235 - 1477 Lower Water Street

Clean, bright and contemporary.  This lovely condo sits on Bishops Landing, surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants and the famous Halifax Board Walk.  In a building where some units fetch close to $1

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What's the problem?

Without going into a great amount of detail, radon gas is not good for you and has been linked with lung cancer.  A recent survey published by Health Canada said that 7% of Canadians are living in homes with high radon levels.  Its an issue which has gained more attention in recent years, but its not yet getting the attention it deserves.  Radon levels are measurable and they can be mitigated fairly easily for a reasonable cost.  So why aren’t more people taking steps to do so?


It’s difficult for people to grasp the potential magnitude of a problem when it is invisible.  If a roof leaks or an appliance stops working, you are very aware of it and will take steps to fix the issue.  However, when the problem is not

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