Meet Ian Henteleff, the newest valuable addition to the HaliPad Team!

Born and raised in Halifax, Ian has called the city home since the beginning and has had a front row seat to its rapid growth over the past few decades. Spending his childhood summers skipping rocks and kayaking on the south shore of Nova Scotia, he could talk your ear off about the beautiful culture both in the city and beyond. After leaving the province for university, he could not wait to get back to the maritimes and breathe the fresh ocean air. A proud Haligonian and Nova Scotian who knows the province well, Ian can tell you as a lifetime resident what makes it such a special place to grow up and live.

Ian is enthusiastic, genuine and dedicated to providing the famous…

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How will the Non-Resident Tax Affect Homeownership Costs in Nova Scotia?

Last week, the Provincial Government released a budget that included newly created Deed Transfer Taxes for Non-residents and increased Property Taxes for Non-residents. Since this was announced, many people have had questions of how this will affect them as well as the real estate market in Nova Scotia. See below for more information quoted from the Province of Nova Scotia website:


Provincial Deed Transfer Tax for Non-residents

The Provincial Deed Transfer Tax (PDTT) will be effective for all purchase and sale agreements and other specific transfers starting 1 April 2022.

The Provincial Deed Transfer Tax will apply to all residential properties or portion of…

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Is Halifax The New Toronto? - Halifax Real Estate 2022

Real Estate markets across Canada have a lot of similarities. Buyers can use what is happening in other cities to foreshadow what might happen in their local area, using the knowledge gained to navigate rapidly changing conditions. Join Adam Scott as he sits down with Paul Purcell from Royal LePage Urban based out of Toronto as they discuss the market, the challenges buyers face in Toronto and how they have pivoted in order to secure homeownership. What Paul experienced in the Toronto market may very well be a prelude for what's to come in Halifax.

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The Inventory Chasm

The jump in the average price from December to January is nothing short of astonishing. Sales are down by almost 40% from last year, but that's not due to a lack of buyers. Rather, there is simply nothing to buy. Let me paint a picture for you. Currently, there are only ten condos for sale on the entire Halifax Peninsula. Two of those are listed below $400,000, the next cheapest is $1,014,500. That is a gap better described as a chasm. In January, the average price of a home in the Halifax Regional Municipality was $581,180. Sellers were on average obtaining 111% of their asking price. 

Next, let's talk about a certain Spryfield semi-detached. A nice home built in 2010, well-maintained and with a few recent upgrades. We listed…

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Market Value vs. List Price - Halifax Real Estate 2022

In this video Chris Perkins, Broker/Owner discusses Market Value vs List Price, and which is more important in the Halifax Real Estate Market. 

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The Importance of Hiring a Certified Professional - Property Assessments - Halifax Real Estate 2022

When you are buying a house in the Halifax Real Estate Market, we recommend doing a house inspection - even if you think you know exactly what house you are walking into. Hiring a professional, like a general contractor will see things that we just don't see. In this particular case, the inspection report changed our view of the property, and saved our clients a lot of money and headache.

Have you had an experience like this with a home inspection that changed your mind about a house? Let us know in the comments below.

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Meet Zack Dawson, the newest valuable addition to the HaliPad Team!

Zack was born in Baton Rouge, Lousiana before moving to Newfoundland in his early childhood. If you asked him where he considers home, he’d tell you that he’s Atlantic Canadian, through and through!  From his first-ever job as a paperboy, he knew the endless steep hills and howling wind were what he loved most.  When he wasn’t on his paper route, you might have found him shoveling snow, in the rain. With that in mind, Halifax seemed like a place he’d make a quick and easy transition to.  If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!

While his first job as a paperboy instilled a huge sense of work ethic and the drive to be successful, it was perhaps not the long-term career…

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We are excited to welcome Gareth Jenkins to the HaliPad Team!

After going to high school on the south shore, and then living in Halifax for over 20 years, Gareth has spent most of his life in Nova Scotia.  Throughout that life he has had a number of careers, starting with joining the Canadian Navy at the age of 18.  After serving ten years, he left the Navy and worked in online marketing, and most recently as an English as a Second Language Instructor.  In between jobs, he earned a Bachelor's degree from St. Mary’s University in  History and Asian Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude with an Award for Academic Excellence.  During his free time, Gareth loves spending time with his wife Emily, reading, and playing games of any variety.

During his…

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Buying a House By Accident | A Thing of the Past in Nova Scotia

Up to this point, you could accidentally buy a house in Nova Scotia if you forgot to tell the Seller otherwise.  That’s because your Buyers conditions (like financing or home inspection) would self-waive.  Meaning, if you failed to inform the Seller you were not comfortable “firming up” by the condition date, you would be legally obligated to purchase the property.  The old system also made it very scary for a Buyer to submit a written request for items like a repair that resulted from findings from the home inspection.  While the Seller did not have to sign or accept the request, they were also at liberty to “interpret the request as notice of dissatisfaction” which would then permit them…

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Happy Holidays!  It’s December and we are getting into the festive spirit down at HaliPad.  We’ve decorated our windows for the annual North by Night display and the Christmas tunes are filling the air.  We’re still working hard while we’re having fun, although sales have dropped by more than 31% from this time last year.  This is because inventory is down by almost 60%, now pushing the average price above $500,000 for the first time.

We’re also in our final month of #LiveLoveLocal where we get to feature the Fireworks Gallery – Halfax’s choice custom goldsmith, repair shop and source for beautiful designer jewellery.  We’ll be giving away $1000 to the Fireworks Gallery before Christmas, courtesy of HaliPad Real Estate Inc.

We wish you a safe and…

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